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"Have a sandwich.

The salmon's wild, not farmed"


Smooth semi-villain 'Michael' (Michael Attwell) offering a snack to Detective Inspector and gourmet pie chef Henry Crabbe (Richard Griffiths) and wife Margaret (Maggie Steed) in Pie in the Skye, Ser. 5, ep. 7. BBC1 1997.








"The salmon was the proper stuff, not the farmed
kind that poisons lochs and dulls taste buds."


David Nobbs The Cucumber Man (1994)
(In: The Complete Pratt, Arrow Books)





... and in non-fiction ...


... according to Mr [Rick] Stein (wrote Independent journalist
Joanna Blythman
), farmed salmon never matches wild.

"The worst stuff tastes very earthy, the better stuff is rather dull and hard to describe, while wild salmon has a sweet, fresh, nutty quality that you never get in farmed varieties."



Charles Moseley: "Well, being a ghillie you were helping manage nature really; keeping it in harmony ... You dined orff salmon for more regularly than the poor wretches down in the south did."

Annie Lennox: "The first time I ate salmon was actually a fish that my grandfather had caught out of the River Spey. My grandmother grilled it for me under the grill with a little bit of butter, and it was the most extraordinary flavour, and I’ve never forgotten that.  Don’t think anything has ever matched it since."

CM: "Fresh-caught salmon: delicious. There’s nothing like it."

Annie Lennox: "Yeah."

Annie Lennox Who do you think you are? Sapt 2012. BBC Two, Oct. 2014.



SLOW FISH, part of the SLOW FOOD movement says:

"Wild & Farmed and Atlantic Salmon - Not On My Plate"








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