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Alphamax® is the trade name of a sea louse control pesticide containing Deltamethrin.

Aquaculture Fish farming of all sorts (includes molluscs and crustaceans).

Aquaponics Aquaculture and Hydroponics combined in multiple productivity systems that can yield crops of various fish, prawns, molluscs, echinoderms, algae, fruit and vegetables, recycling the water and nutrients within the system without waste or external pollution. A jolly good idea and practical too.

Atlantic Salmon Salmo salar, the fish farmed in cages in Scottish Sea lochs.

Beggiatoa A genus of filamentous bacteria that live in anoxic, sulphur-rich habitats, notably beneath net-cage fish farms. (also see Capitella)

Cage Fish farm stock containment unit in which the pens are made of netting.

Calicide® the trade name of Teflubenzuron, a growth regulator that prevents moulting in crustaceans, thus controlling sea lice. Not good for other marine crustaceans.

Capitella Small detritivorous (filth-feeding) worms that live in vast numbers among the filaments of Beggiatoa mats beneath fish farms. (also see Beggiatoa)

Decision The council decides and the planners announce whether or not a planning application has been accepted, about three weeks after the end of the consultation period.

Deltamethrin and Cypermethrin are a pyrethroids used in sea louse control. Deltamethrin is the active ingredient in Alphamax®.

Dichlorvos® an organophosphate (very nasty compounds) previously used in the control of sea lice.

Ecology The science of the relationships between organisms and their environments.

Ecosystem A community of animals, plants, fungi, bacteria etc.

Emamectin Benzoate an avermectin therapeutant sold as SLICE® for the control of sea lice.

Emma McTynn A fictitious spokesperson representing the nonexistent Association of Scottish Salmon Farmers (ASSF). Her brother is Ivor, a dairy farmer.

Environment the surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates; the natural world, as a whole or in a particular geographical area, especially as affected by human activity.

Eutrophic Literally ‘good’feeding’.

Eutrophication or more precisely hypertrophication, is the ecosystem response to the addition of artificial or natural substances, mainly phosphates, through detergents, fertilizers, or sewage, to an aquatic system.

Habitat Where a community of animals, plants, fungi, bacteria etc. live.

Hydropoinics Growing fruit, vegetables etc. in a soil-free nutrient medium based on water.

Ivermectin® an avermectin therapeutant chemically related to Emamectin, used in the control of parasites of cattle, mostly as a nematode vermicide.

Loch A lake or sea inlet (fjord) in Scotland.

MSS Marine Scotland Science

Net-Cage Fish Farm An aquaculture establishment in which the stock are kept in pens made of netting.

Net-Cage Fish pens made of netting.

Pen Fish farm stock containment unit.

Prawns On Skye, where they are caught in creels from small fishing boats, this is the name for what the French call langoustine, english call scampi, Irish call Dublin Bay Prawns, Italians call langustini others call Norway lobster and biologists know as Nephrops norvegicus. Americans call their prawns - which are vastly bigger than and different from the Palaemon species that we eat - 'shrimp' (while the British shrimp is Crangon crangon) so who can tell what anybody's talking about? The thing is that salmon farms are often located above sea bed that conisist of mud burrowed by 'prawns' (Nephrops) for ewhom this is a favourite habitat. If an area of surface is taken out of commission to make way for salmon pens and the sea bed is polluted to extinction by effluent fall-out (replaced by anoxic Beggiatoa mat) then the fishermen can't get at their traditional fishing grounds and the area is soon rendered prawn-free. Rumours abound about huge prawns caught near fish farms. Even if that's true, would you want to eat them?

Public Consultation A 28-day period during which the public may express their opinions about planning applications by online form, e-mail or letter. After a decision has been made the applicant has the right to appeal whereas the public has no such right, so in theory Public Consultation is the public’s one opportunity to have a say in the planning process.

Report of Handling A detailed report listing the criteria that led the council to its decision whether or not to accept a planning application.

Salmon Farming Companies Norwegian (multinational): Marine Harvest; Hjaltland Seafarms; Grieg Seafood; Scottish Salmon Company; Scottish Seafarms; Meridian Seafoods.

Salmon Farming Companies Scottish (local): Wester Ross Fisheries Ltd.; Kames Fish Farming.

Salmosan® is the trade name of a formulation of the organophosphate azamethiphos (said to be less nasty than Dichlorvos).

SCC Sleat Community Council

Scott Landsburgh Spokesman for the (SSPO) whose job it is to ensure that the public does not think ill of the aquaculture industry, no matter what published evidence might say. Tom Heap (BBC Countryfile 1/12/2013): “Scott, are lice from your farms killing wild salmon?” Scott Landsburgh: “No. I wouldn’t say so. I mean, there’s a lot of discussion about it but ... um ... there’s no empirical evidence that suggests that that’s the case.” Would the reader like to verify that: source 1; source 2, see pp. 6-7?

Scottish Salmon Producers’ Organisation (SSPO) The salmon farmers’ cartel. “SSPO is at the centre of salmon farming’s industry-wide initiatives and public communication, acting as a trusted source of information, a strong industry voice and a focus through which industry leadership and objectives can be channelled.”

Sea Loch See ‘Loch’.

Sea Trout Salmo trutta a sea going fish of which a freshwater form is brown trout.

Sedimentation the cause of smothering (on the sea bed) by particulate matter e.g. fish farm fall-out.

SEPA Scottish Environment Protection Agency

SLICE® an avermectin therapeutant for the control of sea lice containing Emamectin Benzoate.

SNH Scottish Natural Heritage

South Skye Lochs Sea lochs: Loch Scavaig, Loch Slapin and Loch Eishort.

Statutory Consultees An assortment of organisations who advise the planners from their particular area of expertise e.g. SNH, SEPA, MSS, Fisheries Boards, Traffic Scotland, Historic Scotland etc. They each provide a response document that, when we were first involved, arrived with the applicants’ documents in advance of Public Consultation. Recently some of them have been delayed, and with Eishort 2 are unlikely to be available for public scrutiny until after the closing date. In order to compose a fully informed comment letter, it is essential for us, the public, to consult the Statutory Consultees’ response documents. This restriction (as opposed to freedom) of information by delay must be vigorously resisted.

Also see NEWS 10 October 2014 and ...

Please complain to Councillor Thomas Prag, Chair of the Highland Council’s Planning, Development and Infrastructure Committee quoting, if you wish, Alex Salmond’s Lerwick Declaration.

THC The Highland Council







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