Open Google Earth and locate each of these fish farms in the Faroes:

1. South of Ljósá

2. Between Funningir and Elduvik

3. NNW of Svinair

4. NNE of Hósvik

5. Sandavágur (in the bay)

How do you interpret the dark streaks leading away from the fish cages, only fish cages and always in a roughly northward direction? Please write in with your suspicions and we'll see if we agree.


A.Z.E. = Allowable Zone of Effect
Defined by SEPA as "the area (or volume) of sea bed or receiving water in which SEPA will allow some exceedence of a relevant Environmental Quality Standard (EQS)".

Defined by SST-T as the area or volume of sea bed in which SEPA allows extermination of the entire native sea bed biota under a stifling blanket of fish excrement, excess feed and therapeutant chemicals, replaced by filamentous sulphur metabolising bacteria (Beggiatoa spp.) and opportunist detritiverous worms (Capitella spp.), and from which nitrogen and phosphorus compounds in solution emanate, increasing nutrient loading on nearby (and distant?) sensitive species and habitats causing detrimental ecological change.



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